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......@@ -164,7 +164,7 @@ See [[contribute/working_together/GitLab#assignee]].
## UX improvements
Our [[UX designers|roles/ux]] maintain a
[[!tails_gitlab groups/tails/-/issues?scope=all&utf8=✓&state=opened&label_name[]=UX%3Adebt
[[!tails_gitlab groups/tails/-/issues?scope=all&utf8=✓&state=opened&label_name%5B%5D=UX%3Adebt
desc="list of UX improvements"]] that would be welcome,
using the "UX:debt" label.
......@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@ From time to time, some Foundations Team members meet with UX
designers and do a value/cost analysis of these issues. Then, those
with the best value/cost, that we can work on without waiting for lots
of UX design work to be done, are added to
[[!tails_gitlab groups/tails/-/issues?scope=all&utf8=✓&state=opened&label_name[]=Core%20Work%3AFoundations%20Team&label_name[]=UX%3Adebt
[[!tails_gitlab groups/tails/-/issues?scope=all&utf8=✓&state=opened&label_name%5B%5D=Core%20Work%3AFoundations%20Team&label_name%5B%5D=UX%3Adebt
desc="our list of tasks"]].
That is, working on them automatically qualifies as Foundations Team work.
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