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Upgrade Weblate to latest (sysadmin#17782)

Zen Fu requested to merge sysadmin-17782-upgrade-weblate-to-latest into master


  • Please, don't merge without scheduling downtime for Weblate!
  • Merge of this code must be followed by the Weblate upgrade process outlined in sysadmin#17782 (closed)


  • Upgrade Weblate to 4.9.1-1
  • Determine value of SECURE_HSTS_PRELOAD: default changed from False to ENABLE_HTTPS which in our case is True.
  • Determine whether we want to remove any new checks and addons (see new items in CHECK_LIST and WEBLATE_ADDONS variables in
  • Fix it's not converging.
  • Check whether there are any changes in relation to the current translation workflow.
  • Fix
  • Come up with an upgrade plan
  • Fix the pipeline
  • Fix use of removed attributes in
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