Commit 502f7568 authored by kytv's avatar kytv
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Let's not wait twice for the New identity notification to appear

parent df60bc86
......@@ -1029,7 +1029,6 @@ Then /^I force Tor to use a new circuit( in Vidalia)?$/ do |with_vidalia|
step 'process "vidalia" is running'
@screen.wait_and_right_click('VidaliaSystrayReady.png', 10)
@screen.wait_and_click('VidaliaMenuNewIdentity.png', 10)
@screen.wait('VidaliaNewIdentityNotification.png', 20)
@screen.wait('VidaliaNewIdentityNotification.png', 20)
@screen.waitVanish('VidaliaNewIdentityNotification.png', 60)
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