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......@@ -1018,6 +1018,10 @@ Then /^I force Tor to use a new circuit( in Vidalia)?$/ do |with_vidalia|
# Sometimes Sikuli gets confused and recognizes the yellow-colored vidalia systray
# icon as the green one. This has been seen when Vidalia needed to be
# restarted in the above 'begin' block.
# try_for is used here for that reason, otherwise this step may fail
# because sikuli presumaturely right-clicked the Vidalia icon and the 'New
# Identity' option isn't clickable yet..
try_for(3 * 60) do
# Let's be *sure* that vidalia is still running. I'd hate to spend up to
# three minutes waiting for an icon that isn't there because Vidalia, for
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