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<a id="screenshot"></a>
Take a screenshot
It might be helpful to include a screenshot with your bug report.
- To take a screenshot of the entire desktop, press
<span class="keycap">Print Screen</span>.
- To take a screenshot of a single window, press
<span class="keycap">Alt + Print Screen</span>.
- To take a screenshot of an area you select,
press <span class="keycap">Shift + Print Screen</span>.
The screenshot will automatically be saved in the
<span class="filename">Pictures</span> folder located in your
<span class="filename">Home</span> folder. The file name will begin with the
word <span class="filename">Screenshot</span>.
You can also take a screenshot using
<span class="application">GNOME Screenshot</span>.
To start <span class="application">GNOME Screenshot</span>, choose
<span class="menuchoice">
<span class="guimenu">Applications</span>&nbsp;▸
<span class="guisubmenu">Utilities</span>&nbsp;▸
<span class="guimenuitem">Screenshot</span></span>.
You can upload the screenshot to an
[encrypted Up1 host]( such as the one
available at:
Make sure to include in your bug report a link to the screenshot.
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