Commit 5b583278 authored by Christoph Goehre's avatar Christoph Goehre
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dfsg-cleanup for 3.0.1

parent 90ce7dcb
#filter substitution
% content branding %content/branding/ xpcnativewrappers=yes
content/branding/about.png (content/about.png)
content/branding/aboutCredits.png (content/aboutCredits.png)
content/branding/aboutFooter.png (content/aboutFooter.png)
content/branding/icon64.png (content/icon64.png)
content/branding/icon48.png (content/icon48.png)
% locale branding @AB_CD@ %locale/branding/
locale/branding/brand.dtd (locales/en-US/brand.dtd)
locale/branding/ (locales/en-US/
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