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    tb-wrapper*: complete rework and moving over for symlinking · c9e5b708
    Carsten Schoenert authored
    The two helper scripts got completely restructured to fit into the idea
    we do a symlinking of .thunderbird to .icedove in the users home.
    To goal this the various steps got break of into subfunctions that are
    called from the main wrapper helper script /usr/bin/thunderbird.
    Also adding some extra wrapper option to get the fixing for the MIME
    part also available ouside the profile adption. This commit is made also
    from contribution of Debian fellows.
    Thanks go out to Jens Reyer who contributed not only patches but also
    checking the script against the shellcheck tool and by doing the needed
    testing of this whole stuff!
    The logic for the adoption is hopefully simple.
    If there is no folder or already symlinked ~/.thunderbird folder to
    .icedove we can simply create the link to ~/.icedove.
    If we check there is a existing symlink ~/.thunderbird and isn't pointing
    to ~/.icedove we error out then.
    Closes: #855265, #855391, #855501, #856490