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    de-branding: (re)adding a wrapper script for TB starting · 0c9a6ab1
    Carsten Schoenert authored
    Because of the de-branding the profile for Thunderbird has changed back
    to the Mozilla default $HOME/.thunderbird.
    Related to the old branded binary name Icedove the profile folder
    $HOME/.icedove was previously used. To get a uninterrupted workflow for
    the user while going back to a Thunderbird package we have to take care
    about the profile migration to the new profile folder.
    This commit creates a wrapper script that will do this migration of the
    user data. It's purpose is to act as a wrapper while calling
    /usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird through /user/bin/thunderbird.
    It will also handle a easier handling for creating gdb logs if needed.
    Other debuggers can be added to but not yet or probably never. Right now
    we never had the need to provide a valgrind build of Icedove or
    Thunderbird. Any help is appreciated here.