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  5. 13 May, 2014 1 commit
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      Fix the image used for detecting Iceweasel. · 17204df5
      Tails developers authored
      In commit 13dce7f it was changed from the title to the task icon, and
      since we wait_and_click it, that causes a minimize + maximize that may
      result in key presses getting lost.
      While we're at it we also rename it to *Window.png, to be consistent
      with how we have named the other similar images, and to hopefully
      prevent a similar bad update in the future.
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      Fix typo. · fa804331
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      Do not repeatedly press Enter until the GNOME Run dialog vanishes. · 9c947b60
      Tails developers authored
      The repeated pressing was introduced earlier (in commit c80ae9e) to
      workaround a possible GTK bug (or similar). However, if sikuli is
      faster than GNOME, sikuli may `find` the GNOME Run dialog even after
      pressing Enter, hence pressing Enter more than once. The extra Enter:s
      may propagate to whatever application that was started by the run
      dialog, which in the case of the Unsafe Browser, for instance, will
      close its verification window.
      To workaround the original issue we instead simply sleep for a short
      time inbetween typing the command and pressing Enter.
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  16. 27 Dec, 2013 2 commits
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      Repeatedly press Enter until the GNOME Run dialog vanishes. · 648af2fe
      Tails developers authored
      I have seen some weird race condition cases where the GNOME Run dialog has the
      command to run ("gnome-terminal" in my case) correctly typed in, the text cursor
      at the end, and the command step was not run, so the step fails with
      "FindFailed: can not find GnomeTerminalWindow.png on the screen."
      Issue with completion? Too slow or too fast test system? Bug somewhere in the
      Sikuli / Ruby stack? Anyway, let's just add guards against this case and be done
      with it.
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      Factor out run_dialog_picture computation. · 61c4714c
      Tails developers authored
      We'll reuse it elsewhere soon, to ensure the dialog has vanished after we
      clicked Enter.
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  20. 03 Apr, 2013 2 commits
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      Make Tails shutdown steps less confusing. · ef0b9914
      Tails developers authored
      The `I safely shutdown Tails` and `I shutdown Tails` were both
      confusing names considering what they do. Merging the former into the
      step when we wait for the memory wipe to finish, and renaming the
      latter to say "completley" as in "we also wait until the computer
      shuts down completely" hopefully make this clearer.
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      Wait for "5 minutes per GiB or RAM" when shutting down. · 789c8fcc
      Tails developers authored
      This it to account for that more RAM takes longer to wipe, which is
      especially slow in a nested VM setup.
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