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Add manual tests for Icedove.

These are the Claws tests + s/Claws( Mail)?/Icedove/, essentially.
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......@@ -98,6 +98,39 @@ tracked by tickets prefixed with `todo/test_suite:`.
* Running `getTorBrowserUserAgent` should produce the User-Agent set by the
installed version of Torbutton, and used in the Tor Browser. (automate: [[!tails_ticket 10268]])
# Icedove
* Check mail over IMAP using:
- a "clearnet" IMAP server.
- a hidden service IMAP server (e.g. Riseup, zsolxunfmbfuq7wf.onion
with SSL).
* Send an email using:
- a "clearnet" SMTP server.
- a hidden service SMTP server (see above).
* Check that the profile works and is torified:
1. Send an email using Icedove and a non-anonymizing SMTP relay (a
SMTP relay that writes the IP address of the client it is
relaying email for in the Received header).
1. Then check that email's headers once received, especially the
`Received:` one.
* Also check that the EHLO/HELO SMTP message is not leaking anything
at the application level:
1. Start Icedove using the GNOME Applications menu.
2. Disable SSL/TLS for SMTP in Icedove (so take precautions for not
leaking your password in plaintext by either changing it
temporarily or using a disposable account).
3. Run `sudo tcpdump -n -i lo -w dump` to capture the packets before
Tor encrypts it, then close tcpdump
4. Check the dump for the HELO/EHLO message and
verify that it only contains `localhost`: `tcpdump -A -r dump`
5. Check the `Received:` and `Message-Id` fields in the received
message: it must not leak the hostname, nor the local IP.
* Make sure Icedove Mail use its dedicated `SocksPort` when connecting
to IMAP / POP3 / SMTP servers by monitoring the output of this
sudo watch -n 0.1 'netstat -taupen | grep icedove'
# Tor
* The version of Tor should be the latest stable one, which is the highest version number
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