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    tails-unblock-network: skip most graphics-related devices when triggering udev · 18b2d121
    intrigeri authored
    On #17199 (and possibly #17228) I've seen breakage that seems to be caused by
    udevadm trigger: the Greeter starts just fine, but on login, systemd-logind is
    confused about the state of FDs (for /dev/dri/card{0,1}) it passes to X.Org:
    when amnesia's X.Org starts, it gets passed paused FDs which makes it abort.
    I suspect that's because at least one of /dev/dri/card{0,1} seem to briefly
    disappear and come back again when we run udevadm trigger.
    So let's try to avoid replaying kernel events for graphics-related devices.