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    Rewrite dbus proxy code · 1d5413f7
    segfault authored
    * Fix readiness signaled before the proxy is actually ready. The new
      code uses the --fd option of xdg-dbus-proxy to figure out when the
      proxy is ready. This might fix #18485.
    * Run xdg-dbus-proxy in a daemonized process and exit the Python script
      when the proxy is ready. This reduces the memory footprint from
      7.6 MiB to 700 KiB.
    * Only run at most one instance of xdg-dbus-proxy for IBus and one for
      the a11y bus. We don't need one per app, they are proxies to the same
      socket anyway.
    * Remove references to netns, the dbus proxy code doesn't actually have
      anything to do with network namespaces (except that they might be
      necessary because the app we're running is running in a non-default
      network namespace).