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    Make *external* TailsData's root user-readable when mounted (closes: #18050) · 33c39a11
    anonym authored
    Since Tails 4.13 when a user has disabled persistence, or plugs
    another Tails with a TailsData partition, and tries to mount TailsData
    through Nautilus, they are met with an error: 'This location could not
    be displayed. You do not have the permissions necessary to view the
    contents of "TailsData"'. This is due to #7465 (!210) where we indeed
    made the TailsData root world-non-readable, and did not consider this
    use case.
    Note that this change indeed changes the permission, which might seem
    dangerous, but if the Tails is later booted it will self-heal, so all
    is ok.