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    I2P Browser · bf714344
    Kill Your TV authored
    Browser specifically for I2P based on the scripts that
    configure the "unsafe-browser".
    * Adds a new i2pbrowser user
    * change the I2P menu entry and related sudoers file to start
      this new browser. I2P will be started via NetworkManager (added in a later
      commit) when a user adds 'i2p' to the boot prompt.
    Update I2P firewall rules
    Since the anmesia user won't be browsing eepsites with the Torbrowser
    anymore, and the i2pbrowser user *will* be browsing them, the firewall
    rules needed another update.
    disable cups
    fixes the same problem as ticket #7771 addresses for the
    Remove I2P settings from FoxyProxy
    Since I2P Browser is now used for visiting eepsites (.i2p tld) the I2P
    configs are no longer appropriate for FoxyProxy.