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    Rewrite Persistent Storage settings in Python (refs: #17803) · 9dbf1fd4
    segfault authored and intrigeri's avatar intrigeri committed
    Split the Persistent Storage app (formerly known as
    tails-persistence-setup) into a backend and a frontend, both written in
    Python. The frontend communicates with the backend via a D-Bus service.
    New features:
    * Support for activating Persistent Storage immediately, without
      rebooting (refs: #11529)
    * Support for activating features selectively
    * Support for mounting files
      live-boot only supported mounting directories, but it's actually useful
      to also be able to mount single files.
    * Correctly handle error condition for feature activation with symlinks
      If a feature using symlinks is activated but the source directory is
      empty, an error is now returned, because there are no files which
      symlinks could be created for.