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    Erase memory at shutdown/reboot time using kexec and a ramdisk hook. · 2454d5bd
    T(A)ILS developers authored
    - build initramfs with sdmem support
    - install kexec-tools that are used to run the sdmem-enabled initramfs on
    - pass the rebooting/halting status to the kexec'd initramfs using a custom
    - remove custom live-boot packages to disable previous (buggy and incomplete)
      sdmem implementation
    - provide our own tails-kexec initscript to replace /etc/init.d/kexec:
      tails-kexec is more post-eject-time friendly and informs the user s/he can
      remove the boot device before the sdmem process before it happens; hence
      switching live-boot boot parameter to noprompt
    - kexec-load, tails-kexec-cache and tails-kexec are run on halt as well as on
      reboot; to achieve this we need to patch the kexec-load initscript LSB header:
      update-rc.d is not enough as insserv uses LSB headers rather than update-rc.d
    - don't disable init concurrency at shutdown anymore: the initscripts
      dependencies now are be accurate enough to prevent running in
      parallel scripts that should be run sequentially
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