Commit 21ada8a3 authored by Daniel Baumann's avatar Daniel Baumann
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Correcting os.chmod usage in lb init.

parent eeb46805
......@@ -144,11 +144,11 @@ def main():
os.makedirs('config/includes.source', exist_ok=True)
# Ensure correct include directory permissions avoiding tainting of target system
os.chmod('config/includes', 0755)
os.chmod('config/includes.bootstrap', 0755)
os.chmod('config/includes.chroot', 0755)
os.chmod('config/includes.binary', 0755)
os.chmod('config/includes.source', 0755)
os.chmod('config/includes', 0o755)
os.chmod('config/includes.bootstrap', 0o755)
os.chmod('config/includes.chroot', 0o755)
os.chmod('config/includes.binary', 0o755)
os.chmod('config/includes.source', 0o755)
# Configuring default package lists
os.makedirs('config/package-lists', exist_ok=True)
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