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    Stop installing deb.torproject.org-keyring · c136c9dd
    intrigeri authored
    The purpose of this package is to keep deb.torproject.org's APT key up-to-date,
    which does not work in Tails as we discourage users from updating packages.
    On the build/dev side, this package only adds complexity and confusion: we have
    to install the APT key ourselves anyway (otherwise live-build would not be able
    to install packages we install from deb.torproject.org, before this keyring
    package is installed). So this only adds a second place where we need to
    maintain the same information, with no benefit. For example, I updated the key
    in bfcd3b23, but the deb.torproject.org-keyring
    package from the APT snapshot we're using replaces it, in the built images, with
    an older, expired one.