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adding a section about firefox private mode clipboard

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......@@ -266,6 +266,17 @@ portals|doc/anonymous_internet/unsafe_browser]]. It is not meant to be used as a
regular web browser. As a consequence, the files that you might download using
the Unsafe Browser are not accessible by your user.
<a id="browser_clipboard"></a>
Can I share the same clipboard over separate browsing sessions?
No. As the Tor browser shipped in Tails is based on the private browsing mode of
Firefox, every time you end it, by exiting Tor browser, the browsing
[clipboard is cleared](
If you need to copy something from your browsing session (e.g. a link)
to use it later on, you should rather store it elsewhere (e.g. in gedit).
<a id="persistence"></a>
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