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Updated README: removed list of things to do and added a link to the issues page instead

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......@@ -35,14 +35,9 @@ Related issue: [#7496](
* Mount points are unmounted
* Temporary folders are deleted
**What the script does not, but should be doing (TODO):**
* Check the MBR
* Handle the few files that differ in normal conditions (`.disk/info`, `live/filesystem.packages`, `syslinux/ldlinux.sys`, `tmp`, and maybe others), maybe by checking their contents to be verify they differ correctly?
* Protect against some attacks, such as a malicious `live/Tails.module` file in a Tails system (and probably other attacks)
* Handle the case where there are not enough loop devices available for the script to do its work (by creating more loop devices)
* Allow more command-line arguments, such as choosing the log file
* More error handling
**What the script does not, but should be doing:**
See the list of [issues](
**What the script does not, but it is probably not useful (?):**
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