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......@@ -32,7 +32,8 @@ Hardware requirements:
<span class="definition">[[!wikipedia PowerPC]]</span> nor
<span class="definition">[[!wikipedia ARM_architecture desc="ARM"]]</span>.
- Mac computers are IBM PC compatible since 2006.
- Tails does not run on most tablets and phones.
- Tails does not work on 32-bit computers since [[Tails 3.0|news/Tails_3.0_will_require_a_64-bit_processor]] (June 2017).
- Tails does not work on most tablets and phones.
- 2 GB of RAM to work smoothly.
......@@ -72,6 +72,23 @@ we want to [[limit the amount of software included in Tails|faq#new_software]].
<h1 id="hardware">Hardware compatibility</h1>
See also:
- [[System requirements|doc/about/requirements]]
- [[Known issues|support/known_issues]]
<h2 id="32-bit">Does Tails work on 32-bit computers?</h2>
No. Tails stopped working on 32-bit computer in [[Tails
3.0|news/Tails_3.0_will_require_a_64-bit_processor]] (June 2017). Software
built for 64-bit processors can benefit from several improvements that make it
harder for attackers to exploit security vulnerabilities.
Before Tails 3.0, we estimated that [[only 4% of our
users|news/Tails_3.0_will_require_a_64-bit_processor]] still had a 32-bit
computer. We decided that the increased security for everybody else was more
important than the compatibility with 32-bit computers.
<h2 id="arm">Does Tails work on ARM architecture, Raspberry Pi, tablets, or phones?</h2>
For the moment, Tails is only available on the x86_64 architecture.
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