1. 21 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      Ensure MAC spoofing messages are translated (refs: #17783) · cbb6b631
      geb authored and intrigeri's avatar intrigeri committed
      As tails-spoof-mac is running as root, its messages cannot be translated
      according to the user settings. This commit solves this problem by reading the
      localization settings from the environment (/etc/default/locale) in
      tails-spoof-mac initialization. To make this work, we also set up the desired
      localization environment before launching tails-unblock-network and
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      Copy greeter files into config/chroot_local-includes (refs: #16912) · 700b8424
      segfault authored
      Those are the files installed by the greeter, from the master branch of
      the greeter repo (commit 2b1facdbe3c4c9f209cdcf3835a9d52a3147b8a8).
      All files are copied to the same path they are installed at when
      installing the greeter Debian package, except for:
       * The tailsgreeter Python package, which is now installed under
         /usr/local/lib/python3/ instead of /usr/lib/python3, because
         that's where we put our own Python packages.
       * The tails-greeter script, which is now installed in /usr/local/lib/
         instead of /usr/bin, because this script should not be executed by
         the user directly, similar to the other scripts in the lib directory.
         The Exec= path in tails-greeter.desktop is updated accordingly.