1. 21 Jul, 2020 2 commits
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      Fix keyboard setting stored twice when language is set (refs: #17794) · 08fbfa4e
      segfault authored and intrigeri's avatar intrigeri committed
      I see that this is not super obvious, but KeyboardSettingUI.apply()
      assumes that the keyboard setting was changed by the user, so it sets
      IS_DEFAULT (which is somewhat misnamed, it should rather be
      WAS_SET_AUTOMATICALLY (or WAS_SET_BY_USER, with the opposite value))
      to false.
      When the keyboard layout is changed automatically because the language
      was changed, we want to set IS_DEFAULT to true, so we don't call
      KeyboardSettingUI.apply(), but directly self._setting.save().
      What was missing was the call to apply_layout_to_current_screen(), which
      was causing #17794.
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      FIX #17794 changing lang now changes keyboard too · 9719ec19
      boyska authored and intrigeri's avatar intrigeri committed
      the previous behaviour was confusing: changing the language was
      changing the keyboard layout in the UI, but not really changing it.
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