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      Revert "Enable GDM debug logs (refs: #12092)." (refs: #17011) · 107c6d6c
      segfault authored
      This reverts commit 0358ae20.
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      Revert "Release process: unite BitTorrent download folders" (Closes: #16902) · e0fa8b82
      intrigeri authored
      Giving both Torrents the same name has problematic side effects.
      For example, if someone downloads both Torrents at the same time (USB image +
       - The UI in a Bittorrent client does not allow to tell, at a glance, which
         is which.
       - If they use a BitTorrent client configured to download first to a temporary
         folder and then move the downloaded files elsewhere (e.g. kibi tells me most
         documentations for rtorrent recommend that), then when the 1st Torrent
         download completes, it breaks the 2nd one, deleting all files that were
         partially downloaded already.
      So let's revert to having the Torrents download directories whose
      names end respectively with -iso and -img.
      This reverts most of commit a8964667, except the
      part that got rid of permanent -iso and -img folders on the RM's filesystem,
      which I assume is what made anonym unhappy with my initial implementation.
      I've tried to salvage the hotfixes kibi and I had to do at release time, to fix
      issues introduced by me while I did the first part of #16902 and later by anonym
      in a89646.
      I'll be the first one to go through the updated doc when I'll prepare 4.0~rc1
      and 4.0, so I'll have the opportunity to notice and fix any breakage introduced
      by this commit before it affects anyone else.
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      Update POT and PO files. · ae252c2d
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