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      Test suite: don't rely on the state of the APT lists to check if a package is... · fef1d042
      intrigeri authored
      Test suite: don't rely on the state of the APT lists to check if a package is installed (refs: #14596)
      I've seen cases where "apt-cache policy" would fail, when run by
      'the package "cowsay" is not installed', as part of
      "I am notified when Additional Software fails to install a package",
        E: Malformed Description-md5 line; doesn't have the required length (32 != 29)
      This seems wrong and I don't know why this happens, but let's not get
      side-tracked: the goal here is to check whether a given package is installed,
      not to validate the state of the APT lists. So let's use dpkg instead.
      For details about why "dpkg -s" was initially replaced with "apt-cache policy",
      see c77c2dd9. The analysis of the problem in
      that commit message was correct: "deinstall" means "The package is selected for
      deinstallation" and is indeed a transient state. The solution did work until we
      face a situation when the higher level tool fails while checking things we're
      not interested in.
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      Test suite: Really fix the package removal step. · c77c2dd9
      bertagaz authored
      Using dpkg to test if a package was uninstalled was racy and error
      prone: once really completely removed, dpkg don't have any reference of
      the package in its database anymore. The 'deinstall' dpkg state is only
      temporary, so we can not really rely on it to know if a package is
      removed. Let's use 'apt-cache policy' rather.
      Refs: #14596
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