1. 11 May, 2020 1 commit
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      Test suite: fix running with XDG_SESSION_TYPE unset (refs: #17596) · 6ebe3c9a
      intrigeri authored
      I think this check makes things worse that if were not there,
      for two reasons.
      1. Most users of our test suite run it with sudo, which filters out
         XDG_SESSION_TYPE from the environment by default, so regardless of whether
         they're using a Wayland desktop, if they try using --view, a developer using
         sudo will see this error:
           ./run_test_suite: line 273: XDG_SESSION_TYPE: unbound variable
         … which:
          - is less informative for Wayland users than the error this check was meant
            to replace;
          - breaks stuff for folks who don't use Wayland.
      2. Even under GNOME + Wayland, when running the test suite under sudo,
         it turns out that without this check, --view works fine:
         xtigervncviewer does not error out merely because it detects Wayland,
         and AFAICT it does its job :)
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