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GitLab: use quick action syntax that gives more helpful habits

When one uses the "/label ~xyz" syntax, in the web interface
one gets label completion after typing "~", which is not the case
when one uses the "/label xyz" syntax.

So let's hint contributors towards the former, more usable syntax, even if it
does not matter much here — where it's a matter of copying'n'pasting.
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......@@ -95,14 +95,14 @@ Closing an issue means one of:
To reject an issue, create a comment that:
- explains why you're rejecting it
- adds the _Rejected_ label (`/label Rejected`)
- adds the _Rejected_ label (`/label ~Rejected`)
- It duplicates another issue.
To mark an issue as a duplicate, create a comment that:
- mentions the other, duplicated issue
- adds the _Duplicate_ label (`/label Duplicate`)
- adds the _Duplicate_ label (`/label ~Duplicate`)
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