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d/t.lintian-overrides: Update entries due renamed tags

Small updates to the overrides rules for the thunderbird package as some
Lintian tags got renamed.
parent bf850bbc
# The embedded libjpeg is libjpeg-turbo, not libjpeg.
thunderbird: embedded-library usr/lib/thunderbird/ libjpeg
thunderbird: embedded-library libjpeg usr/lib/thunderbird/
# Upstream code is not ready to use system library.
#thunderbird: embedded-library usr/lib/thunderbird/ srtp
thunderbird: embedded-library usr/lib/thunderbird/ libtheora
#thunderbird: embedded-library srtp usr/lib/thunderbird/
thunderbird: embedded-library libtheora usr/lib/thunderbird/
# The embedded libpng is patched for APNG support.
thunderbird: embedded-library usr/lib/thunderbird/ libpng
thunderbird: embedded-library libpng usr/lib/thunderbird/
# We currently need to use the embedded libjsoncpp library.
thunderbird: embedded-library usr/lib/thunderbird/ libjsoncpp
# This is a false positive, can be ignored.
thunderbird: maintainer-script-supports-ancient-package-version postinst:74 5.0-1 (2011-08-03 < 2017-06-18)
thunderbird: embedded-library libjsoncpp usr/lib/thunderbird/
## Uncomment entries if NSPR4 and/or NSS3 are not available in the archive
# NSPR isn't packaged in the required version yet
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