Commit 634e7e9c authored by Christoph Goehre's avatar Christoph Goehre
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document changes and release 3.0-1

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icedove (3.0-1) experimental; urgency=low
* Final upstream version without any source code changes against RC2
[ Guido Günther ]
* [77d611e] Add Vcs-{Git,Browser}
* [ec7ddd6] Move VCS to where they belong
[ Christoph Goehre ]
* [524d1f5] don't hardcode $MOZ_APP_NAME in file
* [0407ff3] mailclient bin called now $DEB_MOZ_APPLICATION
* [e6040b5] merge icedove-3.0-gnome-support into icedove-3.0 package
* [07417e0] install default theme and components/*.js into
* [3d37478] add missed components files
* [f09cfad] add another preferences directory for applications:
preferences/syspref - thanks to Mike Hommey
* [d92e265] install debian config into /etc/icedove-3.0/pref and link
into defaults/syspref
* [18a886b] disable application update
* [76ea38a] let lockPref() in .js files work - thanks to Mike Hommey
* [e44133e] gnome-default-mail-client: check for MOZ_APP_NAME instead
for hardcoded 'thunderbird'
* [8573c8d] set DM-Upload-Allowed to yes
* [1c63920] install modules directory into /usr/share/icedove-3.0
* [3a85ac6] add gbp.conf for easier package build with
* [7feb54a] add watch file
* [e0a1624] document how to clean upstream source code
-- Christoph Goehre <> Fri, 08 Jan 2010 10:42:09 +0100
icedove (3.0~rc2-2) experimental; urgency=low
[ Christoph Goehre ]
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