Commit 475830ae authored by Carsten Schoenert's avatar Carsten Schoenert
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Document changes and release 1:88.0~b2-1

parent 41fad628
thunderbird (1:88.0~b2-1) experimental; urgency=medium
[ Carsten Schoenert ]
* [7af1a0b] New upstream version 88.0~b2
* [30d1d48] rebuild patch queue from patch-queue branch
modified patch:
removed patches (included upstream):
renamed patch:
fixes/Load-dependent-libraries-with-their-real-path-to-avo.patch ->
* [f45da92] d/control: Increase B-D for libnss3-dev
[ Colomban Wendling ]
* [bbf78cb] d/thunderbird.desktop: Switch StartupWMClass (Closes: #985366)
[ Carsten Schoenert ]
* [a2cc9e0] d/control: Adding nasm to Build-Depends
* [41fad62] d/copyright: update due removed content
-- Carsten Schoenert <> Sun, 11 Apr 2021 13:50:27 +0200
thunderbird (1:86.0~b3-1) experimental; urgency=medium
[ Carsten Schoenert ]
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