Install Tails

Install the final Tails

Install Tails on a USB stick

Upgrade your Tails

In this step, you will install the final Tails on a second new USB stick using Tails Installer.

In this step, you will upgrade your Tails from the other intermediary Tails using Tails Installer one last time.

All the data on this USB stick will be lost.

The persistent storage of your Tails USB stick will be preserved.

The persistent storage of the other Tails will not be copied.

[[!img install/inc/infography/plug-usb.png link="no" class="debian" alt="USB stick plugged on the right"]] [[!img install/inc/infography/plug-second-usb.png link="no" class="windows linux mac-usb clone" alt="Second USB stick plugged on the right"]] [[!img install/inc/infography/plug-tails-usb.png link="no" class="mac-dvd" alt="USB stick plugged on the right"]] [[!img install/inc/infography/plug-upgraded-usb.png link="no" class="upgrade-tails" alt="Second USB stick plugged on the right"]]
1. Plug the second the new your Tails the USB stick in the computer. 1.

Choose Applications ▸ Tails ▸ Tails Installer to start Tails Installer.

Start Tails Installer:

[[!img install/inc/icons/tails-installer.png link="no" class="debian" alt=""]]
1. Click on the Install by cloning Install Upgrade by cloning button. [[!img install/inc/screenshots/tails_installer_in_tails.png link="no" class="screenshot windows linux mac upgrade install-clone" alt="Tails Installer: 'Install by cloning', 'Upgrade by cloning', 'Upgrade from ISO'"]] [[!img install/inc/screenshots/tails_installer_in_debian.png link="no" class="screenshot debian expert" alt="Tails Installer: 'Install', 'Upgrade'"]]
[[!img install/inc/infography/install-tails.png link="no" class="debian" alt="ISO image installed on USB stick on the right"]] [[!img install/inc/infography/clone-intermediary-tails.png link="no" class="windows linux mac-usb clone upgrade-tails" alt="Tails installed on USB stick on the right"]] [[!img install/inc/infography/clone-dvd.png link="no" class="mac-dvd" alt="Tails installed on USB stick on the right"]]

Click Browse and choose the ISO image that you downloaded earlier.

Choose the second the new your USB stick in the Target Device drop-down list. 1. To start the installation, upgrade, click on the Install Tails button.

If it is impossible to upgrade the USB stick because it was not installed using Tails Installer, restart Tails Installer and choose Install by cloning.

1. Read the warning message in the confirmation dialog. Click Yes to confirm. The installation upgrade takes a few minutes. At the end of the installation, you are asked for your administration password twice.

The progress bar usually freezes for some time while synchronizing data on disk.

1. Close Tails Installer.

You are done upgrading Tails. You can now shutdown and restart on your Tails USB stick.

Thank you for staying safe!