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Yeah, you are done installing Tails!

If you want to save some of your documents and configuration in an encrypted storage on the finalnew Tails USB stick, follow our instructions until the end. Otherwise, have a look at our [[final recommendations|clone#recommendations]]. [[final recommendations|expert/usb#recommendations]]. [[final recommendations|debian/usb#recommendations]]. [[final recommendations|win/usb#recommendations]]. [[final recommendations|mac/usb#recommendations]]. [[final recommendations|mac/clone#recommendations]]. [[final recommendations|mac/dvd#recommendations]]. [[final recommendations|linux/usb#recommendations]].

Create an encrypted persistent storage (optional) =================================================
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The encrypted persistent storage is not hidden. An attacker in possession of the USB stick can know whether it has an encrypted persistent storage. Take into consideration that you can be forced or tricked to give out its passphrase.

It is possible to open the encrypted persistent storage from other operating systems, but it might break your security. Other operating systems should probably not be trusted to handle sensitive information or leave no trace.

Create the persistent storage ----------------------------- 1. Choose Applications ▸ Tails ▸ Configure persistent volume. 1. Specify a passphrase of your choice in both the Passphrase and Verify Passphrase text boxes.

We recommend choosing a long passphrase made of five to seven random words. Learn more.

1. Click on the Create button. 3. Wait for the creation to finish.

If you close the assistant before the creation finishes, you might not be able to start Tails from this USB stick anymore.

4. The assistant shows a list of the possible persistence features. Each feature corresponds to a set of files or settings to be saved in the encrypted persistent storage. We recommend you to only activate the Personal Data persistence feature for the time being. You can activate more features later on according to your needs. 5. Click Save.
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Restart and activate the persistent storage ------------------------------------------- 1. Shut down the computer and restart on the final new Tails USB stick. 1. In Tails Greeter: [[!img install/inc/screenshots/greeter_with_persistence.png class="screenshot" link="no"]] - Select your preferred language in the drop-down list on the bottom left of the screen. - In the Use persistence? section, choose Yes to activate the encrypted persistent storage for the current working session. - Enter the passphrase of the persistent volume in the Passphrase text box. - Click Login. 1. After 15–30 seconds, the Tails desktop appears. 1. You can now save your personal files and working documents in the Persistent folder. To open the Persistent folder choose Places ▸ Persistent.
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You now have a working Tails, congrats!

Final recommendations

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Tails does not protect you from everything! Have a look at our [[warnings|doc/about/warning]].

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If you face any problem, use the Report an error launcher on the Tails desktop or visit our [[support pages|support]].

We hope you enjoy using Tails :)