1. 17 Oct, 2019 2 commits
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      Create /upgrade/mac · 87d32988
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      Create /upgrade/win · 9283feb8
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      We propose manual upgrades from a regular OS because it might be:
        - Faster to do download (eg. Torrent)
        - Less intrusive
        - Possible to do proactively
      Even though it might be a bit less safe.
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      Applying commit 7855eb88 · 36cb75c7
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      Author: sajolida <sajolida@pimienta.org>
      Date:   Thu Oct 19 09:39:04 2017 +0000
          Remove special treatment of banner on installation assistant (#14852)
          - Developers wondered several times whether this was on purpose or
            broken, so users probably wonder as well.
          - It make it hard to tweak the top section of our site, for example to
            include a donation banner.
          - It's broken on smaller screens and the text collapses with the logo.
      I did not remove the corresponding line in the CSS - which I will delete anyway.
      I'm applying this manually because cherry-picking and merging create too many conflicts.
  6. 28 Dec, 2016 1 commit
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      Website: explicitly add sort="age" to all inline directives I can easily &... · 29d3d41b
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      Website: explicitly add sort="age" to all inline directives I can easily & mechanically patch (refs: #12053).
      A serious performance regression was brought by ikiwiki 3.20150614. One of the
      few changes introduced in that release was to change the default sorting, for
      inline directives, from "age" to "age title". Presumably the latter is
      substantially slower, possibly since it has to process the *content* of all
      included pages in order to retrieve their title, which may mean that a subset of
      pages are processed more than once.
  7. 21 Sep, 2016 1 commit
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      Use a minified version of Bootstrap · 9ab8d94a
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      Let's keep the full version in the Git checkout for some times, just in
      case it might be useful to use in some circumstances (for debugging for
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