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      Catch up with origin's destination branch. · f7970ac6
      Cyril 'kibi' Brulebois authored
      The release manager might have made sure their release checkout has an
      updated release branch (e.g. stable) when starting the release process,
      but other local branches might be lagging behind.
      To make possible conflicts easier to spot/solve, ensure one catches up
      with the destination branch on the remote before trying to merge the
      source branch into it.
  8. 10 Oct, 2019 1 commit
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      Drop obsolete reference to feature/jessie. · 23c73a45
      intrigeri authored
      Besides, during the Tails/Buster development cycle, we've treated
      feature/buster as an overlay on top of devel, instead of as a main branch,
      so this part of the instructions don't fit anyway.
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      Consistently suggest forking us on Salsa. · 68a08803
      intrigeri authored
      In the past we recommended forking us on gitlab.com, which was the only mirror
      of our main Git repository (aka. tails.git) with a user-friendly "Fork" feature.
      Since then, we have another such mirror — Salsa — that we actively use and keep
      track of: for example, merge requests can be submitted there and the Foundations
      Team will review them. This increases the chances that other teams start to do
      the same there as well, until we've decided which GitLab instance will become
      the canonical location for our code in the future.
      This contrasts with gitlab.com, where we have disabled MRs on purpose.
      So, let's point new contributors to a mirror where they can use the common "fork
      and send a MR" workflow :)
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      APT repo doc: fix condition. · 872a2218
      intrigeri authored
      A "Debian Maintainer" does not necessarily have any upload rights
      to Debian, so they might want these settings as well. But
      someone with uploads rights to Debian probably won't want them.
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      Add HTML anchor. · 32ab8d67
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      Custom APT repo: document how to add an APT overlay and find out how the... · b82ce30d
      intrigeri authored
      Custom APT repo: document how to add an APT overlay and find out how the overlay suite for a given topic branch is called.
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      Custom APT repo: move relevant info to the place where one is looking when... · 66562a10
      intrigeri authored
      Custom APT repo: move relevant info to the place where one is looking when they want to upload a package.
      The Overview section explains the branch → APT suite mapping, but it's easy to
      miss when one is focused on the "Importing a new package" howto, which can
      waste developer time: if they don't push a branch before uploading,
      their upload will be rejected.
      In practice, there's rarely any reason to follow the doc we have for "Creating
      a new branch" except before uploading a new package. So let's move these
      instructions to where they're needed, i.e. "Importing a new package".
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