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      Prevent dhclient from sending the hostname over the network (Closes: #7688). · 97790a2a
      Tails developers authored
      First, we have to use the "keyfile" NetworkManager plugin only; that is, we
      disable the "ifupdown" one:
        * it's needed, because the only the "keyfile" plugin supports setting
          dhcp-send-hostname to false, while the "ifupdown" plugin retrieves the
          hostname to send from /etc/hostname;
        * it's OK, because we actually don't use the functionality provided by the
          "ifupdown" plugin (that is, reading from /etc/network/interfaces -- that
          only configures the loopback connection in Tails, which is itself ignored by
          NetworkManager anyway).
      Second, we configure the NetworkManager "keyfile" plugin to *not* send the
      hostname over DHCP by default. Likely this can be overridden on
      a per-connection basis.
      Third, we tell dhclient itself not to send the hostname. This is needed because
      NetworkManager runs dhclient with the `-cf /var/run/nm-dhclient-eth0.conf`
      option, and generates that file by concatenating `/etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf`
      with its own settings.