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      Copy dmidecode to initramfs (refs: #16857) · f82d6399
      segfault authored
      On Buster, partprobe complains if dmidecode is missing. It's not clear
      what the consequences are, at least it doesn't cause partprobe to exit with an
      error status code - but it's cheap to just copy dmidecode to the initramfs.
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      sdcard initrd support to suport boot fromiso · 9fdef751
      Thierry Laurion authored
      sdhci and subdependencies initrd kernel modules loaded to support Heads kexec'ing Tails kernel from sdcard integrity validated iso, permitting Tails to boot from a Read Only sdcard (fromiso). Heads boot device is referred by device/by-uuid (fromiso) to continue Heads kexec boot process from OS initrd loaded modules, prerequisite to continue kernel booting.
      This would permit measured boot (on-boot iso integrity validation from Read Only sdcard) on many tamper evident laptop models( RYF x200, QubesOS to be certified x230, x220 and many other laptops using those modules for memory extension slot support).
      Linked to this discussion: https://lists.autistici.org/message/20190612.203305.bcc3b98b.en.html
      Linked to this Heads ticket: https://github.com/osresearch/heads/issues/581
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      Return to the initramfs (unpacked in /run/initramfs) on shutdown (refs:... · 888ccc5a
      intrigeri authored
      Return to the initramfs (unpacked in /run/initramfs) on shutdown (refs: #12428, #12354, Debian#778849).
      … otherwise the aufs read-write (tmpfs) branch, among possibly other things,
      can't be properly unmounted and its content remains in memory.
       * We have to handle some unmounting ourselves in initramfs-pre-shutdown-hook:
         systemd-shutdown doesn't manage to unmount the aufs read-write
         branch (/oldroot/lib/live/mount/overlay) as it is needed by the
         aufs (/oldroot) filesystem, and reciprocally it cannot unmount /oldroot as it
         is kept busy by /oldroot/lib/live/mount/*. So we disentangle this mess
         ourselves. And we have to manually empty the aufs read-write (tmpfs) branch,
         otherwise for some reason its content remains in memory. This code will of
         course need to be adapted for overlayfs some day.
       * We lock /bin/kill in memory: apparently systemd-exit.service needs it.
       * We remount /run on shutdown *before* dropping caches, just in case dropping
         caches removes what we've locked into memory.
       * We unpack the initramfs to /run/initramfs at *boot* time: sadly, I was not
         able to have it unpacked reliably in udev-watchdog-wrapper when the boot
         medium is ejected, so we'll use a little bit more RAM (instead of locking the
         compressed initramfs into memory, we're storing the uncompressed one there)
         and probably slow down the boot a bit, in order to make emergency shutdown
         robust. Note, however, that we save some of the RAM used by the uncompressed
         initramfs by deleting the worst offenders (kernel modules).
       * For now the whole procedure is quite noisy on the screen: the pre-shutdown
         hook runs under "set -x", doesn't run "clear", and spits out lots of
         debugging information. The goal is to enable users to provide useful
         debugging data if they have problems with emergency shutdown. Once we have
         shipped this code in a few releases and trust it's robust enough, we can
         surely reconsider and polish the UX by making the output less noisy.
       * We use absolute paths in many places to avoid $PATH lookup which might
         fail if the root filesystem is not there anymore.
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      Drop kexec-based memory erasure feature (refs: #12354). · e2caab51
      intrigeri authored
      It's not reliable enough and provides poor UX. Linux memory poisoning
      works well enough to get rid of it.
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      Ensure the major KMS modules are included in the initramfs. · a916f027
      intrigeri authored
      The goal is to have a more seamless transition from initial kernel modesetting
      to X.Org when booting, and same on the way back on shutdown. It also will be
      needed to get a nicer, Tails-specific boot splash. Moreover, as seen in the
      bugfix/sdmem_on_intel_gpu branch (of the old Git repo), this can help for proper
      graphics hardware reinitialization post-kexec.
      We include:
       * bochs, cirrus and qxl because they can be useful in virtual machines;
       * i915, nouveau and radeon are they are the best maintained ones these days,
         and cover the vast majority of hardware that is able to run Tails/Jessie
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      Add more KMS video drivers to the initrd · 32dba678
      Tails developers authored
      In order to show our shiny new Plymouth theme on more systems, we manually add
      kernel mode settings video drivers for NVidia.
      Unfortunately, vboxvideo (VirtualBox) does not currently support KMS; vmgfx
      (VMWare) did not work either according to some quick tests.
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    • T(A)ILS developers's avatar
      Erase memory at shutdown/reboot time using kexec and a ramdisk hook. · 2454d5bd
      T(A)ILS developers authored
      - build initramfs with sdmem support
      - install kexec-tools that are used to run the sdmem-enabled initramfs on
      - pass the rebooting/halting status to the kexec'd initramfs using a custom
      - remove custom live-boot packages to disable previous (buggy and incomplete)
        sdmem implementation
      - provide our own tails-kexec initscript to replace /etc/init.d/kexec:
        tails-kexec is more post-eject-time friendly and informs the user s/he can
        remove the boot device before the sdmem process before it happens; hence
        switching live-boot boot parameter to noprompt
      - kexec-load, tails-kexec-cache and tails-kexec are run on halt as well as on
        reboot; to achieve this we need to patch the kexec-load initscript LSB header:
        update-rc.d is not enough as insserv uses LSB headers rather than update-rc.d
      - don't disable init concurrency at shutdown anymore: the initscripts
        dependencies now are be accurate enough to prevent running in
        parallel scripts that should be run sequentially