1. 07 Oct, 2020 5 commits
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      tails-unblock-network: skip most graphics-related devices when triggering udev · 18b2d121
      intrigeri authored
      On #17199 (and possibly #17228) I've seen breakage that seems to be caused by
      udevadm trigger: the Greeter starts just fine, but on login, systemd-logind is
      confused about the state of FDs (for /dev/dri/card{0,1}) it passes to X.Org:
      when amnesia's X.Org starts, it gets passed paused FDs which makes it abort.
      I suspect that's because at least one of /dev/dri/card{0,1} seem to briefly
      disappear and come back again when we run udevadm trigger.
      So let's try to avoid replaying kernel events for graphics-related devices.
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      Import Tails Installer · d2998245
      intrigeri authored
       - Copied from https://gitlab.tails.boum.org/tails/installer at commit
         71899f2ef3e90cc3d291c49d039eb577e7187bd8, which is the current HEAD of the
         delete-dead-code branch.
       - Integrated into the l10n framework.
      refs #17917
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  10. 29 Aug, 2020 2 commits
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      Fix sorting Intel GPUs last in the "Error starting GDM" message (#17903) · 7d11f6ac
      intrigeri authored
      The argument passed to sort_gpus() looks like this:
        [{'Slot': '00:02.0',
          'Class': 'VGA compatible controller [0300]',
          'Vendor-code': '8086',
          'Vendor': 'Intel Corporation',
          'Device-code': '5917',
          'Device': 'UHD Graphics 620',
          'SVendor': 'Lenovo [17aa]',
          'SDevice': 'UHD Graphics 620 [225c]',
          'Rev': '07'}]
      So sorting the list based on whether the Vendor ends with "[8086]" did not do
      what we want, i.e. sort Intel GPUs last (which we do because the Plymouth
      message will be truncated, and we want to display the most relevant GPUs first,
      which usually are not the Intel integrated GPU).
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      tails-debugging-info: add support for commands that need to go through a shell · 67207186
      intrigeri authored
      This will be needed for #17902.
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      Remove broken Thunderbird protocol selection · 7a66afe4
      intrigeri authored
      This code has been a no-op in practice since at least Tails 4.0.
      We've decided to reject #17276 and investigate what the biggest
      problems are for email in Tails with slow/shitty Internet connections:
      default'ing to IMAP may, or may not, be part of these problems.
      Closes #17276
  15. 21 Jul, 2020 2 commits
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      Ensure MAC spoofing messages are translated (refs: #17783) · cbb6b631
      geb authored
      As tails-spoof-mac is running as root, its messages cannot be translated
      according to the user settings. This commit solves this problem by reading the
      localization settings from the environment (/etc/default/locale) in
      tails-spoof-mac initialization. To make this work, we also set up the desired
      localization environment before launching tails-unblock-network and
    • intrigeri's avatar
      On MAC spoofing failure, include the name of the disabled network card in the... · 56a11b3e
      intrigeri authored
      On MAC spoofing failure, include the name of the disabled network card in the title of the notification
      That was the intention since 988b4186
      but in that commit, we forgot to replace gettext with eval_gettext
      when introducing variables in the translatable string. Let's fix this
      and accordingly, drop the test suite workaround for this bug.
      refs: #17784
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      gdm-error-message: more robust parsing · 68372f4c
      boyska authored
      this takes in consideration the case of revision or other message that
      might follow the device code.
      I don't have HW that has revisions, so I don't know if they are put
      before or after the device code.
      The code is now defensive on this: the device code is extracted as the
      last block which might look like a device code, and the rest is kept as
      device name.
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      gdm-error-message: better handle lspci codes · 1bba8a19
      boyska authored
      the codes are put at the left: this makes it less probable that they are
      trimmed away.
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      remove unnecessary filter on VGA · a1febe96
      boyska authored
      filtering with -d::0300 is enough