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      set time with NTP when a network interface is brought up · 83de04c2
      amnesia authored
      DNS queries about pool.ntp.org are made using the DHCP-provided nameservers,
      when possible, in the script that sets the clock:
      Else, we use OpenDNS as Incognito does.
      However, we really need /etc/resolv.conf to be setup in a way that makes the
      rest of the system use the local (torified) DNS cache. This is achieved thanks
      to the − properly configured − resolvconf package. Our custom dhclient
      configuration can then be dropped: it was only useful to supersede
      DHCP-provided nameservers, which we do not want to do anymore since we need this
      information, as explained above.
      As live-helper manages /etc/resolv.conf in a way that makes it too hard for us
      to ensure the image ends up with the needed symlink to
      /etc/resolvconf/run/resolv.conf, this symlink mangling is done at boot time,
      thanks to a live-initramfs script: