1. 19 Aug, 2018 1 commit
  2. 15 Aug, 2018 9 commits
  3. 14 Aug, 2018 25 commits
  4. 13 Aug, 2018 5 commits
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      Update tails-persistence-setup to its current feature/14594-asp-gui branch (Closes: #15784). · e39bb856
      intrigeri authored
      … at commit e9f9a441a6a6e9366bd7ab59255fb482276d4e64.
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      Disable uBlock lists auto-update (refs: #15702). · 4327564d
      intrigeri authored
      We've always disabled this feature because it calls home and generates
      network traffic every time one starts Tails and then Tor Browser.
      But 106a5129 did not port our settings
      customization to the new uBlock settings storage format.
      Implementation-wise, I've found no better way of changing the default
      value of this setting than patching the extension code: it's not managed
      as a regular Firefox pref and the only other option would be to include
      a hard-coded
      which feels more bothersome to maintain than this patch.
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      Revert "Enable the bugfix-15616-ublock-1.16.x APT overlay (#15616)." · a73a8d86
      intrigeri authored
      This reverts commit 3cbb9d4e.
      We now install uBlock from sid, that has a newer version than the one
      we had uploaded to this APT overlay.
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      Don't attempt to include "up-to-date" uBlock filter lists (refs: #15702). · 10b8fdd8
      intrigeri authored
      First, since the transition to webext (commit
      106a5129) we actually did not store these lists:
      we merely shipped custom settings, which include the list of enabled
      filter lists.
      Second, even if one manually refreshes these lists, Tor Browser's "avoid disk"
      feature prevents the uBlock webext from actually saving the updated lists
      on "disk". So extracting them and adding them to our Git repo is not easy.
      Third, given the lifetime of our ISO, any list we ship in there will always be
      only marginally more up-to-date than the ones included in the Debian package.
      Finally, one reason why we needed to include these lists in the ISO is that we
      were enabling a couple non-default, regional ones. It makes little sense in 2018
      to special-case German and French in Tails so I think this reason does not
      work anymore.
      So we'll now rely purely on the set of filter lists shipped in the
      Debian package.