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      text · 7a4c9da7 authored
      This reverts commit b17fde14
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      Remove obsolete detail. · 5bbd2b65
      intrigeri authored
      Firefox has moved away from the fixed 6-weeks schedule a year ago or so, and
      it's now moving to 4-weeks, so let's not keep mostly useless info that we don't
      manage to maintain.
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      RM'ing: mention the possibility to split changelog writing in several sessions. · be9407d9
      intrigeri authored
      One of our RMs mentioned that doing it all at once is potentially unhealthy.
      Let's make it explicit that one can start earlier and split this work :)
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      Release process: move updating Tor Browser before custom Debian packages. · 0f6d885d
      intrigeri authored
      Part of updating Tor Browser requires waiting for test suite results,
      which can take hours. While this is running one can do the next steps.
      Besides, updating Tor Browser can generally be done in the week-end
      preceding the release instead of on Monday $morning.
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      Redirect /upgrade to /doc/upgrade#manual · cf41804a
      sajolida authored
      - We've had 2 places to document manual upgrades since 2016,
        /doc/upgrade then pointing to /upgrade for the actual meat. Having a
        single place prevents people to jump around needlessly.
      - Tails Upgrader has been pointing to /doc/upgrade since 2014 and these
        old versions of Tails will continue to point to it.
      - We could as well redirect /doc/upgrade/#manual to /upgrade but
        /doc/upgrade has the advantage of putting both techniques in
      - /doc/upgrade (formerly /doc/first_steps/upgrade) is very well indexed
        by search engines while we prevented /upgrade to be indexed by
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      RM'ing: call for manual testers for Tails vN+1 immediately after releasing Tails vN. · 5611e2ae
      intrigeri authored
      Rationale: we're operating with a pool of manual testers that's dangerously
      small, in particular considering we'll switch to a 4-weeks release cadence soon.
      One potential explanation for this is that we often announce late in the release
      cycle the date when we'll need testers. Let's try to increase the chances
      testers can book time for this, by telling them about it earlier.
      This was discussed by the RM team in the "RMs doing more and more manual tests
      [Was: 3.16 post-releasem]" thread. The same idea was suggested independently by
      someone else on tails@.
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      Calendar: remove past events. · 44b9d7fd
      intrigeri authored
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      merge with main git using update_weblate_git.py. · 51a08543
      Tails translators authored
      wiki/src/home/testing.ar.po: updating as wiki/src/home/testing.de.po has changed.
      wiki/src/home/testing.ca.po: updating as wiki/src/home/testing.de.po has changed.
      wiki/src/home/testing.id.po: updating as wiki/src/home/testing.de.po has changed.
      wiki/src/home/testing.pl.po: updating as wiki/src/home/testing.de.po has changed.
      wiki/src/home/testing.ru.po: updating as wiki/src/home/testing.de.po has changed.
      wiki/src/home/testing.sr_Latn.po: updating as wiki/src/home/testing.de.po has changed.
      wiki/src/home/testing.tr.po: updating as wiki/src/home/testing.de.po has changed.
      wiki/src/home/testing.zh.po: updating as wiki/src/home/testing.de.po has changed.
      wiki/src/home/testing.zh_TW.po: updating as wiki/src/home/testing.de.po has changed.
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      Manual test suite: exercise our Tier-1 languages instead of an obsolete list. · 47fee1fb
      intrigeri authored
      That old list comes from the languages that the first version of Tails Greeter
      offered. Nobody remembers why we picked them. We now have a set of consciously
      chosen criteria to pick languages that we try to support better than others
      ⇒ let's focus on those during our manual QA.