1. 10 Sep, 2015 6 commits
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      Use the pseudo fifo logger for Sikuli. · e95b2224
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      Use the pseudo fifo logger in the CTCP helper. · 67641837
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      Add a crazy inotify-driven pseudo fifo logging system. · 25cc0141
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      ... because CRuby's threading support sucks when IO is involved.
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      Migrate custom STDERR logging to debug_log(). · 59e02a79
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      Add an improved debugging system via the pretty_debug formatter. · 2cdd6026
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      The idea is to replace each instance where we print debugging info to
      STDERR if $config["DEBUG"] is set, with a call to debug_log(), which
      will make the pretty_debug formatter print the output *if* it is
      This approach is cleaner than what we do now, and will make it
      possible to e.g. usw the pretty formatter for the terminal output and
      at the same time logging pretty_debug to a file. Upon error, the full
      log can then be consulted, without making the terminal output
      messy. While debugging/developing the test suite, the pretty_debug
      formatter can still be directed to the terminal, of course.
      A notable problem is how to deal with the various subprocesses/threads
      whose STDERR output we also are interested in when debugging only,
      like Sikuli's debugging info. We'll have to find a way to capture such
      output and hook it into debug_log() some how.
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      Simplify our extra hooks code. · a0ae251d
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      ... by moving the extra hooks into a null formatter that we always
      activate. This also fixes a bug: if the first formatter was specified
      twice (e.g. --format pretty --format pretty --out /tmp/test.log) then
      the extra hooks would be run twice.
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