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      Don't wait unnecessarily for the I2P site to load · f6d6fccd
      kytv authored
      Instead of seeing the site we're looking for we may have an "eepsite
      unreachable" error page returned in the browser well before the timeout
      is reached.
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      Remove unused, buggy step · 32d11c0a
      kytv authored
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      Add step for looking for "Shared client tunnels" in the router console · 7d2cfdc4
      kytv authored
      Previously I tried to check whether I2P is ready by looking for the
      green star next to the Shared Client Tunnel entry. Unforunately,
      however, Sikuli couldn't tell the difference between a green star and a
      yellow one.
      With recent versions of I2P, there are two shared client tunnel entries,
      one for the old DSA encryption and one for modern edDSA. When *both*
      entries are visible, I2P should be ready to use. This should be much
      more reliable than checking whether port 4444 is open, especially since
      the static sleep added to work around the upstream bug does not work
      when the function is called from the shell library.
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      Only press ESC if the reload button isn't visble · 34a59793
      kytv authored
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      Bump timeout · ba03c4d1
      kytv authored
      After lots of testing I've found that I2P will generally fail within 80
      seconds if it's going to fail. Recently I discovered that sometimes,
      however, it takes a bit longer. The page is still trying to load and we
      press ESC, the browser may be at a stage in which the URL we were trying
      to load will not be in the address bar. Pressing reload in this case
      will be for naught.
      After a fair amount of testing I have not seen it take longer than 120
      seconds. This means that we should always be at a state in which
      pressing reload will actually be able to reload the page.
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      Make the VM instance into a persistent global variable. · 94ab82dc
      anonym authored
      "Persistent" in the sense that it survives across scenarios. This is a
      first step towards using a single Libvirt::Domain instance across the
      full test suite run, which in turn is a step towards being able to use
      Libvirt snapshots more easily (or at all, I think).
      This was achieved with the following command:
          sed -i 's/@vm\>/$vm/g' -- features/step_definitions/*.rb \
                                    features/support/*.rb \
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