1. 09 Aug, 2019 7 commits
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      Translated using Weblate (Spanish) · 2820fbb6
      anonymous authored
      Currently translated at 44.4% (4 of 9 strings)
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      Translated using Weblate (Spanish) · 28a7b798
      Joaquín Serna authored
      Currently translated at 44.4% (4 of 9 strings)
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      ikiwiki-cgi.setup: point history & diff URLs to Salsa. · e0426609
      intrigeri authored
      I.e. synchronize with the ikiwiki configuration used by our production website.
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      Consistently suggest forking us on Salsa. · 68a08803
      intrigeri authored
      In the past we recommended forking us on gitlab.com, which was the only mirror
      of our main Git repository (aka. tails.git) with a user-friendly "Fork" feature.
      Since then, we have another such mirror — Salsa — that we actively use and keep
      track of: for example, merge requests can be submitted there and the Foundations
      Team will review them. This increases the chances that other teams start to do
      the same there as well, until we've decided which GitLab instance will become
      the canonical location for our code in the future.
      This contrasts with gitlab.com, where we have disabled MRs on purpose.
      So, let's point new contributors to a mirror where they can use the common "fork
      and send a MR" workflow :)
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      Roadmap: mark 2 completed items as such. · 31541d0f
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      Fix Markdown syntax. · ee03345b
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