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      Release process: don't include revoked subkeys in the signing key downloaded... · 403f127d
      intrigeri authored
      Release process: don't include revoked subkeys in the signing key downloaded by the Upgrader (refs: #17714)
      All our Upgrader needs here is the set of current, valid signing subkeys: if the
      signature of the downloaded UDF is not a valid one done by one of those subkeys,
      then it'll abort. It does not matter why exactly that signature failed: it could
      be it a missing subkey, a revoked one, an expired one, or an UDF provided by an
      attacker and signed with a totally different key. As long as the signature
      verification fails, we're good.
      So let's not include revoked subkeys in that exported key, which every Upgrader
      downloads. In my tests, this shrinks that key from 13380 bytes down to 10349
      bytes, i.e. 22% less. That's not much; it's minor polishing rather
      a ground-breaking improvement, but still.
      Note that the previous instructions already filtered out expired subkeys,
      which is good. This commit does not modify this property.
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    • Cyril 'kibi' Brulebois's avatar
      Release process: move ISO history ahead of local IUK builds · 6a2adce1
      Cyril 'kibi' Brulebois authored
      There are 2+ GB of images to push through git-annex, which is a huge
      bottleneck at the moment. To compensate for that, start the git annex
      copy (almost) as soon as the image reproducibility has been verified.
      Keep that step after the Torrent file creation step though, as the
      latter already moves images (+ their signatures) around a little, paving
      the way for the git-annex dance for those who might have $ISOS pointing
      to an ISO history checkout. While at it, include some suggested commands
      to speed things up.
      Once the transfer is started, the release manager can start building
      IUKs locally (which might need some adjusting if parallel builds are
      desired, until #17657 is acted on).
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