1. 20 Mar, 2017 3 commits
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      Test suite: fixes to make 3.0~beta3 pass. · b715ce42
      anonym authored
      This includes:
      * fixing some mistakes in the merge conflict resolution
      * switching to an image in the Pidgin tests that doesn't depend on the
        /topic of tails@conference.riseup.net -- the server resets it every
        once in a while, so we should not pretend the test suite can always
        find it.
      * Fix a problematic use of try_for (we need refs: #9223!).
      * Fix for VM.select_virtual_desktop() and VM.do_focus(): in Stretch we
        only have two virtual desktop, so do_focus() has been broken for a
        while. Also add some `sleep()`:s which sadly seem required.
      * Random Gherkin improvement.
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      Firewall: forbid the _apt user to talk to DNS ports. · 458a3b5b
      intrigeri authored
      I've seen it trying to talk to UDP port 5353 (and being blocked), which makes
      the logs noisy. APT works very well without DNS access since we only have Onion
      APT sources, so let's silence the logs.
  2. 19 Mar, 2017 37 commits