1. 03 Jul, 2018 3 commits
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      Point to /doc instead of /getting_started (Will-fix: #15575) · de892614
      sajolida authored
      - /getting_started is very old and needs a serious lifting.
      - During the user testing of the Additional Software beta, 3 out of 5
        participants ended up on this page. None of them read it. 2 used it to reach
        /doc which is what they were looking for. 1 got lost and ended up on /design.
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      Test suite: rename step. · be98070a
      anonym authored
      The current name is completely wrong -- the menu navigation was
      completely broken due to #11718 and it was thought we would be able to
      fix it and revert the GNOME Activities workaround, and just skip the
      renaming since the workaround was temporary. Well, it seems that the
      menu handling still is not reliable, even with #11718 fixed, so let's
      stick with what has worked pretty good during the feature/stretch
      Refs: #11718
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      Test suite: fixes to make 3.0~beta3 pass. · b715ce42
      anonym authored
      This includes:
      * fixing some mistakes in the merge conflict resolution
      * switching to an image in the Pidgin tests that doesn't depend on the
        /topic of tails@conference.riseup.net -- the server resets it every
        once in a while, so we should not pretend the test suite can always
        find it.
      * Fix a problematic use of try_for (we need refs: #9223!).
      * Fix for VM.select_virtual_desktop() and VM.do_focus(): in Stretch we
        only have two virtual desktop, so do_focus() has been broken for a
        while. Also add some `sleep()`:s which sadly seem required.
      * Random Gherkin improvement.
  10. 08 Mar, 2017 5 commits
  11. 28 Feb, 2017 1 commit
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      Completely remove I2P. · e9d02049
      anonym authored
      We have decided to remove I2P (Refs: #11276) due to our failure of
      finding someone interested in maintaining it in Tails.
      Will-fix: #12263
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      Dogtail: use the remote shell's new Python session feature. · 1558f125
      anonym authored
      ... to significantly improve Dogtail's performance by saving state and
      reusing it between Dogtail commands.
      This is a massive commit, and it changes the semantics of the creation
      of Dogtail objects. Previously they just created the code that then
      would be run once an actionable method was called (.wait, .click etc),
      but now it works like in Python, that Dogtail will try to find the
      graphical element upon object creation.
      Will-fix: #12059
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      Simplify step name. · 07c8c4eb
      anonym authored
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      Fix multiple issues with dogtail waiting for a browser page to load. · c1bcba2e
      anonym authored
      Also, this is a great simplification. :)
      It turns out the previous code had multiple errors (symbol error
      because of True when it should be true, no .wait so the generated
      python code was never run) but even after fixing them I learned that
      try_for and assert_raise doesn't work together because it will catch
      try_for's timeout exception. Even when telling assert_raise to look
      for a specific exception it will still catch the other ones and then
      interpret them as an assertion failure, so the try_for never
      halts. Yay. It should be possible to get an ~assert_raise that we need
      here with some begin-rescue logic, but let's not bother.
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      Dogtailify step. · d014c7c6
      anonym authored
      This step was broken due to Tor Browser 6.0.x changing the zoom-levels
      (or similar) so various elements of the just removed image were not
      positioned the way we expected them.
  20. 11 May, 2016 2 commits
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      Drop the usage of Tor Check in our tests. · e500661b
      anonym authored
      It doesn't make sense now when we use Chutney since that always means
      it will report that Tor is not being used.
      In some scenarios we used it simply because we needed *some* page
      (distinct from the Tails News page) and we had the image. In those
      cases we now use the Tails homepage instead. I tried to use dogtail,
      but realized that dogtail won't work for the Unsafe Browser due to
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      Move tor-launcher-standalone into /usr/local/lib. · 06bc2513
      anonym authored
      ... where we have the Tor Browser. For consistency.
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      Make the -profile Tor Launcher workaround simpler. · 2db6d171
      anonym authored
      ... instead of the crazy workaround we had to use before. It turns out
      you *can* use -app and -profile together, but only if -profile is
      given last. It may be that it was fixed recently, because I'm pretty
      sure it didn't work last time I wroked on this.
      Also, in /usr/share/TorBrowser/Data/Browser (which is the "default"
      profile directory relative to the Tor Launcher applocation.ini file)
      the Caches directory must exist and be accessible for the tor-launcher
      user even if -profile is used, so we just have to ensure it exists.
      Will-fix: #7943
  25. 09 Jan, 2016 1 commit
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      Tor Browser download test: explicitly wait for the "Save as" button. · 9aecc39e
      intrigeri authored
      We were waiting for the dialog (BrowserDownloadDialog.png) to show up, and then
      clicking on a button that is part of that dialog
      (BrowserDownloadDialogSaveAsButton.png). In the past we've seen such
      implementations be fragile, due to race conditions between when all the widgets
      in a window are drawn vs. when Sikuli notices the first ones appear.
      So, let's consider that "I get the browser download dialog" really means "I get
      the browser download dialog including all its widgets that we are really
      interested in".
      refs: #9285
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