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      Merge branch 'bugfix/10831-update-nopersistent-boot-parameter' into... · 27c7df42
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      Merge branch 'bugfix/10831-update-nopersistent-boot-parameter' into bugfix/persistence-fixes-for-2.0-take1
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      Repair dotfiles persistence feature by adding a symlink from... · 59573b6f
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      Repair dotfiles persistence feature by adding a symlink from /lib/live/mount/persistence to /live/persistence.
      live-boot's "link" option generates symlinks to /lib/live/mount/persistence.
      This is correct in the supported use case (persistence initialized at initramfs
      time), because components/9990-main.sh does "Move all mountpoints below /live
      into /root/lib/live/mount" after setting up persistence. Our own
      config/chroot_local-includes/usr/local/sbin/live-persist, however, mounts stuff
      in /live/persistence instead, so the generated links are wrong.
      We have lots of Tails-specific stuff that depends on the /live/persistence path,
      so I'd rather not change that, and instead I'm adding a compatibility symlinks.
      Will-fix: #10784
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      Update 'nopersistent' boot parameter to 'nopersistence'. · 3f57f379
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      Since live-boot (3.0~a27-1) and this commit:
        commit 4e54d60d7f69ae3441e519e5611bd7ea48a8be19
        Author: Daniel Baumann <daniel@debian.org>
        Date:   Sun Apr 8 18:29:45 2012 +0200
          Using 'persistence' (noun) rather than 'persistent'
          (adjective/adverb) everywhere.
      ... we should have been passing 'nopersistence' instead of 'nopersistent' on the
      kernel command line.
      Will-fix: #10831
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