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      Install eatmydata via debootstrap. · 79d7cc6c
      intrigeri authored
      This ensures that the first (and biggest) `apt-get install' run is actually run
      with eatmydata available and enabled.
      Refs: #9419
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      Blacklist the psmouse kernel module. · 2dd9895c
      anonym authored
      At least when two "relative" pointing devices are present at the same
      time, like a ps2 mouse and usb mouse, I've seen major breakage caused
      by host mouse events being used for each such device in virt-viewer,
      effectively doubling all mouse events inside the guest (i.e. one click
      => double click, mouse movements are doubled, etc). Hence it feels
      safer to disable the ps2 mouse and only rely on the ("absolute")
      tablet device (which has further improvements via Spice).
      Unfortunately it seems impossible to remove the ps2 mouse since it's
      part of all QEMU machine templates, including the one we use,
      presumably with the exception of 'none', which should be an empty
      machine. However, I've so far not been able to come up with a config
      that works based on 'none' (generally I get alias errors with the PCI
      controller). So we also have to blacklist the module.
      Will-fix: #9425
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      Enable Spice in the guest. · b81076a1
      anonym authored
      This seems to help with the issues we have with lost mouse events, in
      particular in combination with an absolute pointing device, like the
      'tablet' we already have.
      There are some interesting bits about this mentioned in the Spice
      So currently we use mouse mode='client' which "is appropriate for
      ... a loaded server, since cursor has smooth motion and
      responsiveness", which we have some data suggestion have been
      affecting us (see discussion on #8928). However, it also says "the
      cursor might lose synchronization (position and shape) for a while"
      but it's not mentioned what may cause this (when there's high
      load?). It could be interesting to test mouse mode='server' too, just
      for comparison.
      Will-fix: #9425
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      Simplify. · d4583517
      anonym authored
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      Create our extra hooks independent of the formatter used. · 303a348a
      Tails developers authored and anonym's avatar anonym committed
      So now we can use the cucumber formatters however we want.
      Will-fix: #9424
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