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      Fix typo. · c9790488
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      WIP: Rename the Tor Browser "download" directory, again. And add automated... · 136db50c
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      WIP: Rename the Tor Browser "download" directory, again. And add automated tests for the Tor Browser.
      The idea is to make sure that the AppArmor confinement doesn't break too much
      functionality, and actually confines the browser a bit.
      Sorry for the non-atomic commit: getting directory name changing under my feet
      while the automated tests are being drafted made it too hard to split this in
      a nice way.
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      Switch to tor+http:// APT sources at boot time instead of at build time (Will-Fix: #8715). · 716fd0b7
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      live-build expects to be the only one that manages APT sources.
      Since feature/8194-APT-socks was merged, we're breaking this assumption of its,
      by mangling APT sources under live-build's feet via chroot_local-hooks.
      More specifically, if:
         as is the case when building with Vagrant or when following our manual
         build setup instructions accurately (live-build defaults to
         ftp.de.debian.org for some of its APT configuration),
       * one has dropped .deb's in config/chroot_local-packages, as contributors
         without write access to our APT repository may want to do,
      then after completing the chroot_local-hooks stage, lb_chroot_sources would
      rewrite APT sources to match what we have previously configured (see the check
      at lines 490-498 in live-build 2.x tree), and therefore the ISO image would have
      http:// URLs configured instead of the expected tor+http://.
      Therefore, let's mangle APT sources configuration at boot time instead.
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      Torify Git with tsocks, instead of setting GIT_PROXY_COMMAND (Will-Fix: #8680). · 3922b0b2
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      GIT_PROXY_COMMAND is taken into account for git:// and Git over SSH, but not for
      Git over HTTPS. The latter use to work when we were shipping Polipo, probably
      thanks to the HTTP_PROXY environment variable and friends. Now it's broken.
      Here, we're dropping usage of GIT_PROXY_COMMAND, and replacing it with a tsocks
      Note: it would be nicer to use torsocks in this wrapper, which would work for
      git:// and HTTPS, but it would break Git over SSH, since in Tails SSH has its
      own ProxyCommand set to connect-socks, and then torsocks would block connections
      initiated by connect-socks to the Tor SOCKS proxy, on the ground that they're
      aimed at localhost and thus might be DNS requests.
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