1. 17 Oct, 2019 3 commits
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      Redirect /upgrade to /doc/upgrade#manual · cf41804a
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      - We've had 2 places to document manual upgrades since 2016,
        /doc/upgrade then pointing to /upgrade for the actual meat. Having a
        single place prevents people to jump around needlessly.
      - Tails Upgrader has been pointing to /doc/upgrade since 2014 and these
        old versions of Tails will continue to point to it.
      - We could as well redirect /doc/upgrade/#manual to /upgrade but
        /doc/upgrade has the advantage of putting both techniques in
      - /doc/upgrade (formerly /doc/first_steps/upgrade) is very well indexed
        by search engines while we prevented /upgrade to be indexed by
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      Point to download before burning instructions · 9066df9d
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      Fix link to dvd-download and vm-download · 3a242f4c
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      Before that they were not linked from anywhere.
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